This is us

Community 21 is proud of what we have started

At the dawn of new the century, the not-for-profit sector was faced with many challenges: old sources of funding were drying up.  Organisations dedicated to serving the community were struggling to find much needed capital.  In 2001, 20 innovative not-for-profits recognised that collaboration was the way forward for building a stronger future and came together to form Community 21.

Through our collaboration, we successfully created Australia’s only banking service designed specifically for not-for-profits and social enterprises. In partnership with Bendigo Bank, we founded Community Sector Banking in 2002 – a banking service that gave not-for-profits greater access to funds and control over their finances.

Community Sector Banking has a proven record of success, both financially and socially; such as providing tailor-made financial products to over 10,000 not-for-profits, delivering a microfinance service to people who are financially disadvantaged and distributing funding to worthy community projects through its Social Investment Grants Program.

Now we are looking for even more organisations to join us in leading the way forward: to continue to do more good and create greater impact.


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Community 21 founded


Community Sector Banking Launched

1st Account opened 1st Loan $1.22m to purchase a property for NFP organisation


1st Microfinance pilot launched


Salary benefit card launch ('b-packaged') to simplify salary packaging


Community 21 conference (300 NFP sector attendees)


Admitted to the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy (INAISE) global alliance


12,736 deposit accounts


1st Dividend payment to Community Sector Banking shareholders

National service network completed with WA office opening


GFC challenges not-for-profit sector


Biggest loan to date $50mil for 800 homes in Melbourne

Re-branding of Community Sector Banking


$500 million balance sheet

In-roads microcredit project launched

Co-hosted Digital Inclusion Summit

Foundation investor in SEFA $20m fund


6,200+ customers

$650+ million balance sheet

Launch of Social Investment Deposit Account

New headquarters at Wollongong University


CSB launches its Reconciliation Action Plan


Preparing for expanse of shareholding and capital raising