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The Roadshow must go on…

Missed out on a #JOINC21 National Roadshow? Don’t be disappointed, hold your own.

24 September 2014: 4 Events: 4 Cities was just not enough for some enterprising Darwinians who decided they would not be left out.

“It’s a pleasure to say that we extended the National Roadshow due to popular demand” said Executive Director Peter Quarmby.

The not-for-profit community of Darwin, as well as local Community Sector Banking Business Manager and the Nightcliff Community Bank, decided they wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to hear about Community 21’s Share Offer and how their local not-for-profit organisations can be involved. So they got busy.


Darwin Roadshow attendees enjoying the sun.

Darwin Roadshow attendees enjoying the sun.


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Roadshow report back – 4 events:4 cities and counting…

Community 21 kicked off the 4 events in 4 cities in the city of churches. They were lucky enough to hold the event in the boardroom of the new Bendigo Bank building.

“Holding the first event at the Bank was a great way to illustrate our long-term partnership with Bendigo Bank and emphasise that part of our share offer is to again co-invest with them, this time expanding the joint venture company, Community Sector Banking, we teamed up to start” stated Executive Director, Peter Quarmby.

The second event travelled to Melbourne’s Docklands, where attendees heard the history and future vision of Community 21, as well as getting a sneak preview of the Community Sector Banking initiative that is part of the impetus to raise capital (its currently under wraps – but if you sign up at www.letsact.com.au, you’ll be in the box seat for big announcements).

In Brisbane, for event 3, attendees heard from one of the founders of Community 21 about why they got their organisation involved. “In the beginning it was imperative that the Australian not-for-profit sector began to build its own institutions to enable it to meet the demands of society. It was important that we did that 13 years ago and today, it is even more important that we continue to build our own capacity. Investing in Community 21 is an excellent way to achieve that ambition” said Adrian Pisarski (formerly of Youth Accommodation Association (now Yfoundations), now Executive Officer at National Shelter) .

Speaking to the crowd in Redfern

Speaking to the crowd in Redfern

Lucky last was Friday in Sydney. Community 21 held what they thought would be their last National Roadshow event. It was a lively event, with a broad cross section of Sydney’s not-for-profit community, who asked great questions about the opportunity, the risks and the reasons to #JOINC21.

Then they heard Darwin was calling, and the Roadshow must go on. 

If you missed out on a Roadshow event, but you still want to know more… make sure you are connected to us on our mailing list and get in touch today.