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So what’s this Share Offer all about?

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Is your not-for-profit organisation stuck on the funding treadmill but thinking beyond it?

Does your NFP like to think of itself as an innovator, a collaborative partner and a leader?

One of Australia’s longest-standing and most successful social ventures is looking for future focused organisations of all shapes and sizes to invest in Australia’s first Share Offer exclusively for not-for-profit organisations.

The non-profit sector is used to raising funds, but pioneering new funding channels may require not-for-profits to dip into their own pockets first.

Recent research puts Australian not-for-profit assets at more than $175 billion dollars, the workforce is almost a million and we pride ourselves on working together, but the thing we do not see very often is the sector investing in itself and its own capacity.

Community 21 is working to change this and calling on organisations to help.

We’re looking for not-for-profits that think broader than their next tender, and are prepared to invest in something a little different.

One of Australia’s longest standing social enterprises, Community 21, is the inspiration behind and half owner of Community Sector Banking.

13 years ago a group of not-for-profits got together with Bendigo Bank to build a piece of sector-owned infrastructure – a banking service, purpose built for the sector’s needs.

Community Sector Banking, now looks after the banking needs of almost 10,000 not-for-profit organisations, has a balance sheet pushing $1 billion and has just launched, act. a new crowdfunding and banking platform unique in the world.

In 2014, Community 21 began the process of opening up their ranks to new investors in an exclusive Share Offer, available only to not-for-profits.

The Offer aims to raise capital to develop and implement new financial solutions for the sector as a whole, including:

  • implementation and further development of the world first act. banking and crowdfunding platform.
  • The development of impact investing vehicles such as a social impact fund, which will allow for increased investment in social impact projects.

We’ve been thrilled by the enthusiasm with which the sector has received our prospectus. We’ve met with more than 120 organisations and communicated with thousands more. We’ve been accepting larger applications from organisations, to reach our minimum subscription. We’ve now done that, and our next phase invites non-profits large and small with a minimum investment of $2,ooo. We’ve done that so it is accessible to all NFPs and we can increase our representation of the sector that we wish to reflect.

We have just issued shares to the 21 organisations that have applied and we now have until June 30 to continue to raise capital.

So why would organisations that feel cash-poor invest in Community 21?

Our society is changing, the need is growing and funding from government is diminishing. The solution to this involves a commitment to collaboration, pooling our resources and working together. It involves pioneering new financial concepts that channel money into the sector. And it involves leading the sector towards a new way of thinking about itself.

It also involves embracing the digital age in a way that individual organisations struggle to do alone. No single not-for-profit organisation could buy a bank, but together we can own, and keep building, a banking service that concentrates on our sector and our important work.

The Australian not-for-profit sector touches the lives of all Australians and without an effective, sustainable and financially secure not-for-profit sector, our nation is diminished. However, there is more the community sector can be doing for itself.

This Share Offer is exclusive to Australian not-for-profit organisations and only available for a limited time. Find out more by downloading the prospectus today from www.community21.com.au/prospectus

If you’ve been pondering, the time is NOW.

If this is all new to you, but we’ve peaked your interest, you still have time… call us today.

This is a modified version on the piece that appeared on Probono Australia’s website