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Sector leaders call for more collaboration in 2015

13 JANUARY 2015:  Wishes for our sector for a new year

The most influential people in Australia’s not-for-profit sector have called for greater collaboration both within the sector and with governments.

Members of the inaugural Pro Bono Australia Impact 25 shared their wishes for 2015, with many of them saying they hoped the not-for-profit sector could rejuvenate itself in order to tackle the challenges it faces.

Peter Quarmby – Executive Director, Community Sector Banking & Community 21, wishes:

“I hope that 2015 is the year that governments fully acknowledge that funding organisations doing important cultural, environment, and social work in communities is not just draining the coffers, but vital investment in our society’s future prosperity.”

“In the interest of greater social impact, I wish for improved dialogue and partnership.  I hope for courageous partnerships to be established between government, the sector and the private sector to tackle the complex issues we face as a society.”

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