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New Directors Join C21

Community 21 is delighted to welcome new Directors Michael Raper and Peter McNamara to its Board. Both appointees bring strong experience in governance, management and finance, and high level expertise gained from decades of senior-level employment in the not-for-profit sector.


Meet C21 Director Lauren Bean

A Director of the Community 21 Board since 2011, Lauren Bean brings extensive expertise in management, marketing and communications from both the private and not-for-profit sectors. After five years of serving on the C21 Board, Lauren reflects on the past as well as expresses her future vision for C21.

C21 Director since 2011, Lauren Bean

C21 Director since 2011, Lauren Bean


Peter’s resignation

After 17 years of exceptional service to Community 21 and Community Sector Banking, C21’s Executive Director Peter Quarmby has decided to bid farewell.
Nearly two decades ago, and with the support of 20 founding shareholder organisations and the Bendigo Bank, Peter instigated the creation of Australia’s first bank for the not-for-profit sector – Community Sector Banking. CSB is now a profitable and sustainable banking service truly focused on social change that is both ‘for’ and ‘owned’ by NFPs.



Click here to read Peter’s farewell message.

Season’s Greetings & see you in the New Year

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Sector future looks inviting

One of Australia’s longest standing social businesses has once again invited new not-for-profit shareholders as its next Share Offer opened to future focussed non-profit organisations this month.

Community 21 is a consortium of not-for-profits and the half owner of Community Sector Banking. As a profit-for-purpose entity, Community 21 focuses on delivering environmental and community outcomes as well as delivering returns for Shareholders.

Over coming months it is looking to raise up to $2mill to inject into a number of sector strengthening initiatives, including:

  • further developing the world-first banking and crowdfunding platform, act.
  • working with Community Sector Banking on building an investment fund for social impact
  • creating a not-for-profit clean energy fund
  • developing a shared back office support bureau

This is an opportunity to be part of a unique and long-standing community enterprise, owned and controlled by its not-for-profit shareholders and working to advance the financial future of the sector. Community 21’s Board of Directors invites you to download and consider the Prospectus at www.community21.com.au/prospectus


WEBINAR 3: Power of Patient Capital – Social Benefit Bonds and other social investment

MOB and C21 Webinar 3

For our third webinar in the ‘Diversifying Revenue Series’, Matrix on Board and Community 21 are delighted to host Wendy Haigh, Executive Director of Social Investment for new shareholder organisation and Australia’s oldest charity, the Benevolent Society.

Wendy will tell us the story of their experience the NSW State Government’s trial of Social Benefit Bonds. She will also talk about social investment and the exciting opportunities and challenges that ‘patient capital’ brings.




More widely known around the world as Social Impact Bonds, Social Benefit Bonds (SBBs) combine impact measurement and the economic value of successful programs with financial institutions, investors, government and community sector organisations.

Private and institutional investors provide long term funding for a social change program over a period of several years (which is why this is often called ‘patient capital’) with the expectation that the return on their investment will be both financial and social gains.

Impact measures monitored throughout the investment period capture the savings that success brings to government spending. The government then uses these saving to pay back to the investors, with the amount returned on investment dependent on the success of the program – in theory, everybody wins.

In reality, SBBs are very new in Australia and there is much to be learned. In 2013, the NSW Government commenced a trial of SBBs with two programs that are now in their second year. One of these programs is being run by the Community 21 shareholder, The Benevolent Society.



WEBINAR 2: Shared value partnerships help to address social challenges


7 SEPTEMBER 2015: Non-profits and for-profit corporations are joining forces to address society’s pressing needs and challenges, putting paid to the idea that you can’t do business and do good. Not convinced?  We’ve been working with Matrix On Board, so you can hear firsthand from Infoxchange, C21 shareholder organisation creating a fairer, more inclusive Australia through working partnerships (sign up now for our webinar).

Part 2: Power of partnerships:  Creating great relationships


David Spriggs from technology for social justice leader, Infoxchange, will join Matrix on Board’s Michelle Taylor and share insights about building and leveraging great relationships to boost revenue for social impact.


Through Matrix On Board’s blog post on the subject they also offer you tips about shared-value partnerships and ways your non-profit can best explore them.


WEBINAR 1: Crowdfunding is trending – but what are the pluses and minuses?



28 AUGUST 2015: More and more non-profits are turning to crowdfunding as an alternative source of funding. But before your non-profit joins the hordes, it’s important to ask, ‘Is crowdfunding right for us?’


To help you ponder the question, with thanks to Matrix on Board, here’s an overview of ‘the what, why and how of crowdfunding’ and links to some great resources.

DOWNLOAD: INTRO TO CROWDFUNDING is a factsheet shared with the participants of the webinar.



Now more than ever, not-for-profit organisations are looking for ways to diversify their sources of revenue. The emergence of innovations in technology, relationships, banking and investment are providing interesting new options to achieve this, but deciding what approach to take can be confusing.

Matrix on Board and Community 21 have come together to host a series of webinars to help not-for-profits navigate some of the new and unconventional ways of generating resources.

We’re asking some of our Community 21 Shareholders to tell their stories about out-of-the-box ways they get the backing they need for the important work they do.

The first webinar was on:

The Power of the People: pros and cons of crowdfunding.

It featured David Brennan, Engagement Manager from Community Sector Banking’s world-first crowdfunding and banking platform ‘act.’, and Gabe Smith, from Community 21 Shareholder, Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC).

If you missed it and you’d like to listen – click here



Part 2: Power of partnerships:  Creating great relationships

is scheduled for Tue, Sep 8, 2015 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

David Spriggs from technology for social justice leader, Infoxchange, will join Matrix on Board’s Michelle Taylor and share insights about building and leveraging great relationships to boost revenue for social impact.

To join in – register here

Stay tuned for Part 3 – it will be in the exciting area of social investment and how not-for-profits can make use of this emerging trend.