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Happy Birthday Community 21

25 July 2014: 13 years ago today, Community 21 was launched with the aim of improving the financial state of affairs of Australian not-for-profits.

Video celebration of Community 21's 13 years

Together with Bendigo Bank they soon created the not-for-profit specialist banking service Community Sector Banking. Community Sector Banking now looks after the banking needs of over 8,000 not-for-profits and is looking forward to future expansion in the near future through innovative new products and services.

As a consortium of not-for-profit organisations, Community 21 was a new kind of company and it has continued to produce new ideas and thinking over the 13 years. We’re proud of our achievements and even more excited about the future plans for our company and our sector.

This year Community 21 is inviting new shareholders to join us and be part of generating new channels for capital into the sector and contribute to the thinking the sector is going to need to thrive in the changing and challenging landscape.

C21 Birthday Cake