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26 February 2015: Until its launch in November 2014, the act. platform was top secret, however since launch we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about the exciting and different crowdfunding and banking platform from Community 21’s primary asset, the not-for-profit specialist, Community Sector Banking.

act. brings together an activity we all need to do anyway and packages it with ways to support community. It gives people the opportunity to earn and donate banking profits to a whole range of inspiring, community-focused projects.

act., donates some of its profit from each account into customer’s impact accounts monthly, which can be used to support projects on the website letsact.com.au. People can also top up their pledge with a credit card.

“This is the first time in the world that the banking and the crowdfunding worlds have been brought together like this” says Community 21, Executive Director, Peter Quarmby.

“At Community 21 we’re proud of our role in the development of this world-first platform. We helped our Community Sector Banking colleagues by: researching the global movement and supporting the development, providing strategic direction, using our sector knowledge and that of our not-for-profit shareholder experts to ensure the platform is tailored to the needs of the sector. And that’s before we even get to our crucial role as investor.” said Peter.

“The launch of act. can be seen as our most ambitious achievement since we started the niche banking service that now looks after more than 9,000 not-for-profits.” states Peter.

“From our perspective, act. is not simply a tool for not-for-profits to fundraise, but a solution to connect to new supporters and create a deeper connection with existing ones” concludes Peter.

As well as more tangible financial outcomes (where their project is successful), project organisations have made great strides in online engagement, they have built their online capacity and their supporter base. Regardless of the success of their campaign this is what they takeaway and can use in their next project.

Community 21 is committed to continuing the innovation in the interests of the sustainability of the not-for-profit sector. If your not-for-profit would like to know more sign up to our newsletter or visit us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Or to join us and work together for the not-for-profit sector as a shareholder, download our prospectus today.

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