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UPDATED 11 DECEMBER 14: Christmas is approaching, and thoughts turn to celebrations and that well-earned break. But before you leave the building there is another important date for the diary!


You have until December 12 to hand in your application to become a Community 21 shareholder.

For the last four months Community 21 has travelled the length and breadth of the country and met with more than 100 organisations.Everywhere we’ve been we’ve encountered enthusiasm and a warm welcome.

Applications for shareholding are coming in from organisations large and small and we are approaching our target minimum subscription level.

However, we still need a few more organisations to jump on board to get us over the line.

So, we’re counting down the days to hit our minimum subscription level!

Most people will be counting down the 12 days of Christmas, but we will be counting down the 12 reasons to invest in C21.


DAY 12 – COLLABORATION – the old chestnut. We know we do better together. It’s what we claim to do best, but can we back up our claim?

DAY 11 – INNOVATION – are you ready to help create new funding streams and pioneer new concepts? Our shareholders are a knowledge bank for responding to changing circumstances

DAY 10 – LEADERSHIP – you know you are at the forefront of thinking in the sector but do your colleagues? Can you use your influence to bring about a paradigm shift in the sector?

DAY 9 – ACT. – you are getting in at an important time. act. is a brand new crowdfunding platform, unique in the world and aimed at generating income for not-for-profits and their projects. Be part of it! www.letsact.com.au

DAY 8 – INCLUSION – not-for-profits need a representative voice in financial matters, it’s a massive sector, but often doesn’t get a seat at the decision-making tables. Community 21 is an independent voice, owned by the sector and cannot be gagged.

DAY 7 – UNIQUE – it’s new and different – mostly not-for-profits are sticking out their hand. This time we want you to invest in something real and ongoing. With potential for dividends.

DAY 6 – SPECIALIST SERVICES –  Community Sector Banking is there just for you and orgs like yours, support the banking service that truly supports the work you do.

DAY 5 – IMPACT INVESTING – jump on the new black! This is a real investment, with real social impact. Community 21 is committed to developing more and better vehicles with our colleagues at Community Sector Banking.

DAY 4 – FUTURE – our principle investment Community Sector Banking has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving and innovative business. We can’t promise, but we can (as shareholders) do our best to grow this as a business.

DAY 3 – CAMARADERIE- To work alongside #Nonprofit orgs just like yours, trying to chart their way through difficult financial times and do their crucial work within communities.

DAY 2 – IMPROVE financial prowess – Community 21 shareholders exchange experience, skills and knowledge and build capability in financial matters.



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