Advancing the financial future of the not-for-profit sector

Welcome to Community 21

Community 21 is a profit-for-purpose enterprise, owned and controlled by our not-for-profit shareholders (38 leading Australian not-for-profit organisations). We draw on the collective assets of our shareholding organisations to collaborate on ventures, projects and services that strengthen the Australian not-for-profit sector’s capacity.


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Our History

It was created in 2001 by not-for-profits coming together and investing in a different kind of company. One that sought profit for a purpose. It was a bold move; they were prepared to risk their money to realise their vision to develop a banking service that would enable the not-for-profit sector to increase its financial capacity and benefit from the capital flows within the sector.

Community 21’s Vision

Is a sustainable and effective Australian not-for-profit sector in control of its financial destiny.